Friday, 29 October 2010


Hey there,

I'm making this blog partly for myself and partly to help other people with similar goals. A little about me; I am an 18 year old guy from Scotland, currently doing a university degree in Civil Engineering, and living on campus. All my life, I've been skinny, real skinny - twig arm skinny. Around 2 months ago, I looked in the mirror and decided it was time to change, so when I moved to my university campus me and my old friend, now roommate, signed up for the gym. He had been going at it for around a month or two before, so he has taught me the basic routine. This blog is here for me to keep track of my progress in my attempt to transform my skinny frame into something more.. aesthetic.

After going to the gym for a while and following my friend's routine, from which he obtained from his friend, I'm starting to see some results. Up until now I have been doing this completely naturaly, however this coming Monday I will begin to take several supplements, which I will list later. Aswell as looking at my own progress, I will also keep track of any noticeable differences between my friend and I, as we both have similar body frames, and I am interested to see the effect of the supplements on my body compared to his, as he is staying 100% natural.

Of course being a blog, I will most likely post about other things I am interested in and any important events in my life. For example, a fortnight ago I jumped out of a plane for the first time, and parachuted to earth, which was pretty damn awesome but incredibly scary. I'm not sure what other posts will come but I guess they will mostly be about my life in general, music, socializing, movies, etc.

For the record, here's the difference between me and my friend; he will be going all natural, while I will be taking the following:
Whey Protein
Multivitamin tablets
Zinc tablets
Omega 3 Fish Oil tablets

Expect posts about my workout, diet, and fitness progress. I will start posting the first few updates within the next week as I experience the first symptoms of taking these meds, which I got one hell of a look from the pharmacy woman when I bought them all at once, haha.

Adios for now.


  1. Awesome man, I see we have the same goals!
    Only that I'm a little younger, and I won't be doing any supplements, but other than that, we even have the motivation in common.
    Well then, good luck dude

  2. I'm excited to hear about your workout schedule. I've been working out for 2 years but i'm kinda stuck right now. So i'd like to know how others do it.